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Game Guide (In dev..)
About MuOnline.la

MuOnline.la - young ambitious project, which from the very first days of its work is focused exclusively on the audience’s development and expansion. These days, MMORPG game, such as MU Online can hardly surprise anyone, therefore in addition to original content we provide our exclusive vision to the game, introducing you our own modifications and innovations. So whether you are an ‘’old school’’ player, since the first computer clubs were introduced, or just a beginner, not knowing much about MU Online - you will get maximum enjoyment from the game. MuOnline.la Administration appreciates every single player therefore a lot of finances were spent, so that our server can work smoothly 24/7, along with a professional Anti-DDoS and Anti-Cheat system. In addition, playing on our server, you will always get fast and qualified help and answers on your asked questions. Choosing MuOnline.la, you will experience only positive emotions, find new friends, certainly reach the game heights, as we work exclusively for you. Join now!

About Gameplay
System OffHelper + AutoBuff, level up and collect items with the PC OFF! (HOT)
ExperienceDrop Master Exp.Jewel rateCM rate
Max LevelMaster Level Zen RateOffHelperVIP System
Lv.400400 MLDefaultActivado100x+exp y 10% drop
Magic GladiatorDark Lord SummonerRage Fighter
Creation Level220250160270
Party Experience Bonus
Silver Party = without different classes
Gold Party = with all different classes
Party GAP Level = 180 lvl.
2 Members3 Members 4 Members5 Members
General Drop
Settings Rate
Item/Zen Drop From Monsters50%
Zen Drop %100%
Exclusive Features
  • Reconnect System: Play without worrying because your character is disconnected from the game because of connection problems, you will always be online.

  • Ticket Support System: Get help directly from our admin by logging into your account on the website and manage your queries easily in one place.

  • Lottery System: Purchase tickets with your lucky numbers once a week, and participate every Sunday to win the pot of WCoinC we have for you.

  • New Store System: Sell in-game items for jewels/coins, using the command /store bless | soul | chaos | wc | gp.

  • New Duel with Bet System: New and EXCLUSIVE Duel System with bets of items, at the moment of accepting the request of duel, the trade window will open, where the participants will place the items that they will bet(HOT)

Commands in-game
Command Description
/addstrAdd strength attributes in the game.
/addagiAdd agility attributes in the game.
/addvitAdd vitality attributes in the game.
/addeneAdd energy attributes in the game.
/addcomAdd command attributes in the game.o
/postSend global message to the entire server.
/requestReject any request that comes to you (on or off)
/attackEnables auto-attack your character.
/offattackLeave your character lining up with the game closed.
/store "X"Sell in your personal store by bless | soul | chaos | wc | gp.
/lock "pass"Lock your account to protect against all risk
Special Features
  • Automatic reconnection system, in case of loss connection, your character will automatically re-enter the game, so you will not lose any level!

  • Enjoy our HD and Full HD resolutions up to 1920x1080! (HOT)

  • MiniMap with the position of the majority of SPOTS of our server. (PRESS TAB)

  • Antihack Premium system, constantly updated our powerful antihack system. (HOT)

  • We optimize the game to consume less CPU. And also the consumption of RAM is totally light, incredible, totally ideal for those who have low-income computers or those who want to use multi-accounts!

  • If you want to minimize the game or organize yourself to use MultiAcc press F12 and the window will be hidden, also when pointing TrayIcon shows you which character is the one you have in that window!

  • MuHelper Full, To train or put things together automatically, in case you have to go to study or work, we all already know, but for the doubts that you do not know, this system plays for you! (HOT)